Support Groups

ASAP currently coordinates several Adoptive Family Support Group meetings across Tennessee. Meetings are designed to provide families with educational and recreational opportunities that help them develop supportive relationships with other adoptive families in their communities. Adoptive family support groups can help families share, understand, and manage the complexities of parenting an adopted child. Whether providing general support, empathic listening and understanding, or specific advice, adoptive family support groups help families stay in touch with the hope adoption brought into their lives as well as the challenges. Children benefit from knowing other children who have been adopted and their parents. They can share their feelings and concerns about being adopted, about their birth parents and past experiences, and about their cultural heritages if they were adopted from foreign countries. Adoptive family groups give waiting families the opportunity to gain a more in-depth, realistic understanding of adoption and enable them to hear first-hand about successes and problems they may encounter.


ASAP is pleased to announce that we recently launched monthly FUSE groups in Blount, Clarksville, Jackson, Knox, Sullivan, and Hamilton Counties. FUSE stands for Families*United*Supported*Engaged. The main goal of the groups is to support and educate adoptive and pre-adoptive parents as they navigate the challenges and notable experiences that occur throughout the adoption journey. The FUSE groups will focus on one key psycho-educational or adoption-specific topic each month as well as provide opportunity for group discussion and sharing. The groups are open to all foster-to-adopt, pre-adoptive, and adoptive families. Dinner will be provided and Childcare is available for ages 5 and older. An RSVP is required; please email and indicate the location of the group as well as the total number of adults and children over age 5 that will be attending.

Click here for 2018 Support Group Schedule