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What Can ASAP|GSAP Offer Families?
Individualized Care

Families are assisted by one family counselor, working compassionately to help identify barriers to success, to develop a plan of care to address each family’s needs, and to help coordinate any additional supports that may be necessary to build and maintain a healthy, happy family life.

Crisis Intervention

ASAP|GSAP works with families to promote stability and safety in times of crisis. ASAP supports families using counseling, information and education, relief teams, support groups, and resources within communities.

Adoption and Guardianship Counseling

In home counseling is made available to each family as determined by their need and desire for assistance.

Support Groups - FUSE Families*United*Supported*Engaged)
ASAP|GSAP works to unite families in all regions of Tennessee with other families involved at various stages of the adoption and guardianship process.

Adoption and Guardianship Relief Teams

ASAP|GSAP helps families coordinate teams of individuals and groups identified by them as possible sources of support and/or respite. Relief teams are established to provide a natural support network, including respite and recreational activities for all family members.

A Larger Community of Understanding and Support

ASAP|GSAP offers education and training opportunities to a wide range of community service providers, helping to enable a network of community resources unified to better meet the needs of those they serve.

Families may contact the ASAP|GSAP helpline at 888.848.2727 to get started. Referring professionals are encouraged to contact ASAP|GSAP with any questions and may refer families for services by contacting the helpline at 888.848.2727.