Participant Comments

Real Families . . . Real Results

"Our family therapist helped us through the transition of being new adoptive parents to a sibling group of four. Our children love her. She was great with them. She is very creative, fun, and truly cares."

"The in-home aspect of treatment makes a real difference. I hope to see the program expanded because of the large number of adoptive families who face significant challenges. Our family would not be as strong and productive as it is today without this program. I feel that these services prevented a disrupted placement, and the intensive in-home treatment has helped my daughter become a well adjusted teen on the road to recovering from early trauma and becoming a productive adult. Our case manager's availability to us as parents even during off hours helped us to navigate successfully several crisis situations. Every adoptive family should have this kind of support from placement. Thank you so much!!"

"I think it was a great asset when we needed it. We needed someone to talk to and help us work through our problems and ASAP was great for that. We really liked our family therapist. She was good. We have been trying to get people to understand that when you're in a crisis, support and other adoptive families that have had some of the same experiences are very important."

"Our family therapist is always professional, caring and helpful. She did all that was possible to help us. She has always "gone the extra mile."

"Our family therapist was always very respectful, friendly, professional, and helpful. She was very flexible with scheduling. She's a real asset for Harmony."

"Our family therapist has been awesome. Our family has been through a severe and traumatic time and she has been there with us through thick and thin. Not only did she offer her expertise, but was always willing to search out other treatment options for our kids. Without her, our family would be defunct. We recommend ASAP whenever we can. It is an awesome program for adoptive families in crisis."

"Our family therapist is a competent professional and just what my family needs. If your other care managers are as skilled as she is, all families your agency serves are truly blessed. Our placements would likely have disrupted several times if not for her skills and accessibility to us anytime!"

"Our family therapist's interactions with my children were awesome! He gave us great information and guidance through some very trying times. Thanks to all who participate in your wonderful support program."

"Our family therapist has been so helpful! She has been professional, kind, and supportive. This has been a very traumatic year for our family and she has been a source of calm and encouragement. I am so appreciative! I feel hopeful and supported in this journey of adoption!"

"Our family therapist was there and still is there any time we need to call on her. She always returns our phone calls. I think that any time that we have a problem in the future and we need her, she will be there for us."

"I was welcomed, more than welcomed by my family therapist to the program. She has everyone's interest at heart. The children, parents, DCS, she was particularly sensitive to the needs of the children and I think that was very commendable. She is our hero from you all. Thanks"

"Our family therapist is a wonderful soul. She was so kind, generous and thoughtful! She worked very diligently with both children. Your program is unique and most recommended."

"I can't express enough gratitude for the services our family was blessed to receive from ASAP. Our case manager was awesome and was always willing to help in any way she could. I just can't say enough good about how effective these services were to our family - Thank you!..."

"Your input, insight and constant moral and emotional support was unmeasurable and both Tony and I are very grateful to have had you in our lives in this 'moment in time' . You have a special gift of just 'being there' and being able to understand which helps one get through yet one more day, no matter how challenging it has been.

"This was a wonderful experience for my son and I. Our family therapist was very easy to talk to and was extremely helpful with providing information. I miss her visits."