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The Adoption Support and Preservation Program (ASAP) provides post adoption services to help adoptive parents succeed on every level by providing a state-wide, seamless system that supports children and families with pre and post adoption services that promote permanency and also help communities nurture adoptive families. ASAP provides the following services to Tennessee families who have either made their intent to adopt known or who have already finalized adoptions through Tennessee’s Department of Children’s Services. Since 2004, ASAP has served approximately 5,290 children.
  • Individualized, in-home care:

    Master’s-level clinicians provide in-home post adoption services for adopted children and their families.
  • Crisis intervention:

    Families have access to therapists 24/7, if necessary; therapists are on call for emergencies.
  • Post Adoption Relief team building:

    ASAP assists families in identifying individuals, natural supports, and recreational activities that can provide relief and support for all family members.
  • Support groups:

    Groups for both parents and children meet for support and fellowship, and also plan special activities for families (such as Family Fun Night, Parents’ Night Out, picnics, and other recreational activities).
  • Adoption and Guardianship Preparation Classes:

    A professionally-developed training curriculum with instruction and a take-home handbook for adoptive parents covers topics relevant to adoption, including expectations and motivations, parental self-awareness, attachment issues, grief and loss, cultural and racial factors, emotional triggers, and many other issues; class materials also include video interviews with adopted children and adoptive parents.
  • Family Camp:

    Today's families face unprecedented challenges. Demands for our time - work, school, sports, and other activities - make it increasingly hard for families to connect with one another in meaningful ways. Our family camp experience provides an opportunity to grow and connect with one another in a fun, outdoor environment.
  • Advocacy:

    ASAP provides other support when and where it is needed, including information regarding children’s educational needs, childcare, and juvenile court processes.
  • Community education:

    ASAP involves and trains local mental healthcare professionals and others.

ASAP post adoption services are free for families that have adopted or are adopting through Tennessee’s Department of Children’s Services. Families adopting internationally or privately are also eligible to receive services through the ASAP program. These families are asked to pay a small fee based on a sliding scale.

Adoption Support and Preservation staff members are on call to assist families across the state of Tennessee. Families may contact the ASAP helpline at 888.848.ASAP to make a request to begin services and to learn more about the program. Referring professionals are encouraged to contact ASAP with any questions and to refer families for ASAP services by contacting ASAP at 888.848.ASAP.

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Partnered with the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services (DCS), ASAP is a collaboration between Harmony Family Center and Catholic Charities of Tennessee, Inc. ASAP is funded through a grant from the Tennessee Department of Children's Services.